Women of all ages can benefit from Myofascial Release Therapy.

Many "Female Problems," as labeled by the medical community, can be treated through the release of the fascial net that holds all structures in the body in place.

Women have been told repeatedly that their problems are "all in their head" and they should learn to "just live with
their discomfort." I strongly disagree, and believe that Myofascial Release Treatments can offer the relief you are looking for.

Imagine the fascia  or “net” throughout your body as a three--dimensional weblike structure. It serves to knit the pelvis into its position in space, and holds female reproductive organs in place.

The natural tendency for fascia is to tighten over time as a result of trauma, inflammatory disease, poor posture, and/or childbirth. This also affects other bony structures in the body, which causes them to work harder to hold you upright as you sit, stand, and move.

Myofascial Release Therapy addresses the “tightened fascial net" through gentle hands-on "melting" of the frozen tissue. MRT results in more movement, freedom of inner structures, and in turn, more functionality.

Below is a list of conditions* specific to women's health that can be treated with MFR, but is not limited to:

Pre and post pregnancy


Menstrual pain and difficulties

Menopause and peri-menopause symptoms

Scars from abdominal or gynecological procedures
(such as C-section, laparoscopy, hysterectomy)


Back and pelvic pain

• Breast pain

• Cosmetic surgery scars

Sexual trauma (MFR treats the emotional pain, as well)

Recurrent bladder pain and infection

Painful episiotomy scars

Coccygeal pain

Bowel elimination difficulty

Pain and  discomfort of pregnancy

Morning sickness

Post-pregnancy discomfort

Post-partum depression

* The side effects of MFR are that you will feel better!