One Day Intensive

Five Consecutive Day Intensive

Six Week Intensive (2 times weekly)

One Day Intensive - VERY POPULAR
One Day Comprehensive Treatment consists of three consecutive hours of bodywork. The intention is a strong focus on the body, its structures, energies, and hidden messages. 

Bodywork includes Myofascial Release, Myofascial Stretching, and CranioSacral Therapy.

• $437.50 for 3 hours of therapy (Save $87.50)

Five Consecutive Day Intensive - FAST TRACK
A Comprehensive Program
with Sarah K. Borda, LMT, BCTMB

Here's an opportunity for a real breakthrough!

Due to the focused nature of a private, weeklong intensive, a prior interview with the client is required. Space allows for up to three clients per week.

Our Weeklong Intensives are specifically designed to overcome chronic pain and mobility issues. The three key elements are Evaluation & Education, Therapy, and Self-Treatment Instruction.

• Program includes three treatments per day spread throughout five days, for a total of 15 one-hour sessions.

Each day includes:

• Evaluation & Education

  • Visual assessment of gravitational pull on osseous (bony) structures
  • Hands-on full body assessment of Myofascial connective tissue restrictions
  • Education about the Fascial System and how it affects all systems in the body, producing symptoms and disease.

• Therapy

  • One-on-one, individually designed hands-on treatment sessions using Myofascial Release techniques and MFR stretching
  • At least one myofascial “unwinding” session (to alter habitual muscular responses, accelerating your body’s inherent self-correcting mechanism)

• Self-Treatment Instruction

  • Personalized Myofascial self treatment plan is taught and demonstrated so that you can continue on with your treatment success after returning home. Simple tools such as a small ball and/or foam roller enable you to reproduce the techniques that were helpful to healing and give you a sense of empowerment over discomfort.
• $2,625 for 15 hours of therapy

Additional days may be added at an additional could even commit to a 10-day intensive



What is involved in a week of treatment?

Comprehensive Treatments consisting of three treatments per day, for a total of  15 one-hour bodywork sessions spread throughout five days. The intention is a strong focus on the body, its structures, energies, and hidden messages. 

Bodywork includes Myofascial Release, Myofascial Stretching, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Balancing, Inner Awareness Relaxation Training, and a Home Restoration Program.

Hours are by appointment to fit your schedule; in addition to regular hours, for Intensives, bodyHeart is open 6 AM - 9 PM, 7 days a week.

Will I be taught how to care for myself after my week is over?

Yes,  a primary focus of the week is the education of the client through self help techniques. Also, as a  by product of the week of therapy, the client may leave with a new, more caring and understanding relationship with their body, mind and spirit.

Who needs this type of therapy?

Anyone who is looking for a change in their life. It will be espectially beneficial (but not limited to) anyone with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, scoliosis, post surgical/traumatic scarring , sports injuries, jaw pain, pelvic pain, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

How is so much therapy beneficial in  a short period of time?

There are many  advantages of a weeklong intensive. The repetitive and concentrated nature of the sessions changes the “mind” of the body and replaces the old pain and function patterns with a more efficient and functional structure. Bodywork begins to reprogram the body’s habits. When we change the body, we change the mind and the health of the entire person. It provides the opportunity for a real breakthrough!

How may I pay for this week of comprehensive treatments?

Cash or check (preferred) as well as Visa or Mastercard,.

How do I sign up for my week?

Please call 908.879.4020 for information and to speak with Sarah regarding specific weeks available and the structure of the week.

Six Week Intensive - SLOW AND STEADY
A Comprehensive Program
with Sarah K. Borda, LMT, BCTMB

This program is designed for the client who wants to have consistent care over a six-week period of time, twice weekly. Compared to the one-week intensive, this program allows a slower therapeutic pace, over a longer period of time. Hours will be determined by client and therapist.


Make a commitment to a better relationship with yourself.
Sarah K. Borda, LMT, Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, has been successfully treating clients with chronic pain since 2003.

5-Day Intensive Testimonial

Having the opportunity to do an intensive with Sarah was such a gift. She is so skilled at what she does that the entire week felt like an incredibly positive journey.

The MFR intensive with Sarah was a healing modality that allowed my body to speak to ways it has needed to for years.

I experienced so much wonderful physical relaxation and emotional healing through it. I am forever grateful for the experience!

- Jen G.
Mendham, NJ
5-Day Intensive Testimonial

My physical therapist recommended myofascial release therapy after traditional physical therapy was minimally effective in treating symptoms of a pinched nerve caused by herniated cervical discs.

Sarah’s intensive program treated my whole body, and set the stage for my complete recovery. After the first intensive session, I noticed a remarkable reduction in the pain, neck stiffness and tingling in my arm. However, Sarah’s holistic focus on treating the entire mind, body and spirit was an incredible journey and empowering experience. 

Through  this intensive MFR, I realized aspects of my physical and emotional self that enabled me to connect mind and body. I have a heightened self-awareness, and learned self treatment exercises that I use every day.

I am now pain free, and have returned to many of the activities I had enjoyed previously.

- Wendy Lime
Whitehouse Station, NJ