Q. I've never had a treatment with Sarah Borda at bodyHeart before. What will it be like, Sarah?

Your first visit to bodyHeart is your unique experience and although we are addressing this here, we would like you to understand that what you experience is yours and allow it to be just that -- “time with yourself.”

I will begin by reviewing your INTAKE FORM (see right column), which allows me to know you  better. We will discuss any information from this form that seems relevant to your treatment. Your current health condition, emotional nature, accidents or trauma that you have experienced are all important.

I will then give you a tour of the facility and show you to your room.

>> Please do NOT wear ANY perfume, cologne, or strongly scented lotion. <<

If you are receiving an MFR treatment, I will start with a short postural analysis and structural evaluation with your clothes on (please wear sports shorts/sports bra), before I proceed to hands-on treatment.

If the therapy that you are receiving requires clothes off, I will leave the room and return after you are comfortably on your table and under your sheet/blanket.

During your treatment you will remain draped at all times and only the part of you that we are focused on will be exposed.

I invite input during your session if you feel that it is important to your treatment or you. Some folks talk; some folks don’t. I encourage you to go with how you are feeling at that moment and understand that every session can be different because we are all different all the time. Sometimes things will “come up” for you during a treatment or afterwards, and I encourage you to be present to all physical, emotional and mental shifts. All is good.

I also love feedback so I can serve you better. Communication is the key to building a trusting relationship.

I view our session with you as an honor and a moment of partnership between giver and receiver.

Q. What if I have to cancel my session?

24 hours notification is required to avoid session fee charges for rescheduling or cancellations.

We accept Mastercard/Visa to reserve your session. Your credit card will be charged for the full session fee if 24 hours' notification is not given for rescheduling or cancellations. 

Q. Will I see immediate results?

We are all unique and our process of healing has its own unique rhythm as well. Many times, my clients will book multiple sessions in one week so that they can have the benefits of COMPOUND TREATMENTS over a short period of time.

Rather than spacing them out over a long period of time, it has been my experience that results happen faster when clients receive 3-6 sessions close together. Simply put, the benefits are compounded.

My experience has also shown that clients who perform MFR self-treatment techniques at home have more long-lasting, positive results.

Q. If I'm seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist for my condition, will Myofascial Release Treatments help or hurt my progress?

Chiropractors are primarily working with hard tissue (bone) and I am working with soft tissue (fascia, muscles, etc.)

After receiving a diagnosis from a doctor, physical therapists may only treat one specific area of your body.

As a Myofascial Release Therapist, I will be treating your entire body, accessing the tight tissues that are causing and exacerbating the problems that the other healthcare professionals are also working on.

In other words, your care with your chiropractor and/or your physical therapist will BENEFIT from your MFR treatments at bodyHeart.

Q. Does MFR and massage help with recovery from surgery?

Here is a testimonial from a client that directly answers this question:

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah from bodyHeart for almost a year now. Prior to working with bodyHeart, I viewed massage therapy as a LUXURY only to be experienced whle on vacation.

It was recommended I seek body treatment to assist with recovery, following several operations. That led me to bodyHeart Therapy and the technique of Myofascial Release. From the initial treatment I significantly improved my recovery and this has brought me a better realization of my body.

I would highly recommend bodyHeart to anyone who is looking to better their physical and mental well being.

- Nick Laudano
Chester, N


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