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After five sessions, I feel better than I have in 20 years

Having had two back surgeries, a shoulder surgery, a knee surgery and a large number of sports and injury associated traumas, I am no stranger to chronic pain.

A friend recommended Myofascial Release Therapy, to help break down scar tissue, improve flexibility and provide paint relief. Candidly, I had very low expectations, having tried chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy, all with very limited or no positive results.

I was very fortunate to find Sarah Borda, bodyHeart Therapy, Chester, NJ, who introduced me to Myofascial Release Therapy. Sarah is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and skilled therapist. And a very wonderful human being!

After five sessions, I feel better than I have in 20 years. The toes in my left foot, which have been numb for 30 years, now have feeling in them. My energy level is up and my pain is minimum or non-existent (depending on the day).

I would wholeheartedly recommend Myofascial Release Therapy, and especially Sarah Borda, for anyone with chronic pain, limited flexibility, or who just wants to feel better.

- Richard Alampi, 65 years old

Sarah's calm and loving nature in sessions with my children helped me to connect with them

I brought my 3-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter both to have sessions with Sarah. Both sessions were powerful, moving, and healing. 

My 3-year-old had torticollis and plagiocephaly as an infant and even as he got older and went through growth spurts, his body would default to his old position. He would become irritated, had trouble sleeping, and even began stuttering.

I really didn't think my son would be able to lay on the massage table but Sarah's calm and loving nature instantly connected with him.

As she worked on him, his body began to slow down and surrender to her gentle touch and his face showed pure bliss. It was beautiful. 

He was so happy after the session. I felt so much more in tune with him and I could feel he did with me as well. 

A few days after the session, his stuttering had subsided and is now completely gone. Amazing. Thank you so much. 

I brought my 8-year-old daughter in because she was acting moody, having frequent emotional outbursts, and overall, I was having a hard time connecting with her. Again, Sarah made her feel so comfortable and as she worked on her, I could see her body starting to soften and let go.

I loved seeing her face move into a place of such relaxation.

After her session, I felt we were understanding each other more and there were many more smiles and hugs.

I am so grateful.

- Christine B., mother

After one session, I felt physically and
emotionally relieved

Going to sports massage therapy was suggested to me by my dance teacher who saw the physical toll dance was taking on my body. After just one session, I not only felt physically relieved, but also emotionally. Sarah has helped to greatly improve my mobility, flexibility, and endurance during during my dance sessions, while also teaching me the importance of listening to and loving my body. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions!

- Cat M., 18 year old dancer

Try myofascial release therapy for
teen postural issues

My daughter takes private ballet lessons in New York. Her ballet teacher commented on her posture, saying that the forward bending shoulder blades were likely due to muscle spasms in her upper back. She recommended massage and myofascial release therapy. After just a few months of work with Sarah, my daughter's posture was greatly improved.

Now, a little more than a year later I don't notice her posture as an issue anymore. So many teenagers have posture issues and I would strongly recommend trying myofascialrelease therapy as a potential solution.

- Cat M.'s mother (above)

Pre- and Post-Surgery work was invaluable

I am so happy that I was able to work with Sarah in preparing for my recent hip replacement.  I believe it made a huge difference in the speed and ease of my recovery.

I am just one week out of surgery, and I had only minor swelling and bruising.  (In the last hip surgery I was swollen from my toes to the hip, and it was uncomfortable - I thought the skin would burst.)  I have avoided countless hours of propping the leg up and icing, so I am having an easier time with the PT and boredom.

As you know, as soon as we began working together my blood pressure fell a good 15 points, and it has remained there. 

The work we did inside my mouth allowed me to avoid wearing my retainer for the first night in the hospital without negative consequences. The teeth are no longer in a constant tug of war trying to return to the wrong positions.

Sarah's insights and caring support have been invaluable . I will see Sarah soon so we can work with the new incision to avoid any undue stressors forming from that scar.

- Pamela L.
Convent Station, NJ

Weeklong Intensive, an incredibly positive journey

Having the opportunity to do an intensive with Sarah was such a gift. She is so skilled at what she does that the entire week felt like an incredibly positive journey. The MFR intensive with Sarah was a healing modality that allowed my body to speak to me . . . in ways it has needed to for years. I experienced so much wonderful physical relaxation and emotional healing through it. I am forever grateful for the experience!

- Jen G.
Mendham, NJ

Relief not addressed through other therapies

I have been able to move about and live normally after beginning therapy with Sarah. This therapy has provided relief that wasn't addressed through either pharmacotherapy or physical therapy.

I now have an option to eliminate lower back and leg pain that is non-invasive and actually works.

- Ted H.
Long Valley, NJ

Measured improvement

I did my physical therapy today... While I had been eeking out 2 or 3 degrees of improvement previously, the Myofascial Release work produced a measured 15 degrees of improved movement.

Many thanks!

- Pam L.
Chatham, NJ

The ability to enjoy life again!

I came to bodyHeart becasue I was feeling chronic muscle pain in my legs. The discomfort was preventing me from enjoying my retirement years, not to mention the enjoyment of my granddaughter.

The myofascial release therapy I received helped me to reconnect to my body and what it was telling me. 

Thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy life again.

 - Barbara B.
Long Valley

NOTE FROM SARAH: This is a good example of "compounding sessions." This woman saw me twice a week for three months. Great results - the ability to enjoy life again!

Letting the issues flow...

The beauty of your type of therapy is the lack of thinking required. Having been in talk therapy for a period of time, I see now that I was usually thinking about how to answer/discuss issues instead of letting them flow.

At my last session at bodyHeart, the discussion before we started was informative and may have set the stage for progress, but the hands-on therapy was so meaningful! Unlike previous sessions, this time I don't know who or what we were dealing with! My curiosity is rising and I want to schedule another session soon.

- Doug P.
Long Valley, NJ

A renewed sense of how I want to feel

I feel less tension and pain in my body and more emotionally centered. Some of the tension has returned to my body after a couple of days back at work, but I definitely feel an improvement. What I feel the best about is a renewed sense of how I want to feel.

- Axel D.
Hackettstown, NJ

Bringing my mind/body back into balance

I first came to Sarah because I was suffering from an excruciating stiff neck.  The moment that I stepped into her office, I knew that this would somehow be different than what I was used to.  After that first session, I felt immediate relief and I was completely pain-free within two days (normally this condition would last up to a week). 

Now two years later, I continue to see Sarah on a regular basis. Today my sessions range from many different approaches, depending on what my body needs at that moment . . . hot stone, deep tissue, or even a traditional massage.  No matter what I choose, Sarah, a gifted healer, knows instinctively how to bring my mind/body back into balance.  Thank you, Sarah!!

- Julia Carrara
Certified Health Counselor
Healthful Approaches, LLC


The bodywork has  introduced me to a beauty in life that I never knew existed.

- Will M.
Mendham, NJ

I find it new being okay with taking care of myself. You have made me feel very comfortable loving myself.

- Debborah B.
Far Hills, NJ

I have never felt so safe with anyone, until you.

- Jeannie G.
Chester, NJ

You have a great touch. It feels like you have been doing this a very long time.

- Gail M.
Bernardsville, NJ

Sarah, my neck has been amazing since our session one week ago. I would like to get more sessions with you.

- Kim E.
Chester, NJ

Sarah, my chiropractor said a massage was not a luxury, but a NECESSITY, so I need one! What do you have available next week?.

- Charles F.
Mendham, NJ